Tuesday, April 29, 2008

tired of receiving unwanted calls?

Are you tired of receiving unwanted calls? It is really annoying when there is a bunch of telemarketing callers. Even if you tell them that you don’t want their offers, they will still forcefully call you every now and then. To end this problem, go to National No Call Registry. Your phone number will be registered in a no call list. In this way, you will have privacy. It’s free at findoutwhoscalling.com. However, in the case that you want to know who your callers are, you can do the Reverse Cell Phone Lookup. You can track the phone number that you receive or keeps on calling you; and gather information about caller. So, now you can do something about it.

rice with sweet potatoes

Philippine President Arroyo announced and advised the Filipinos to mix rice with yams or sweet potatoes. I do think this is a good alternative or substitute during this time of crisis. When I was still in the P.I. I used to eat "ube" or "kamote" for lunch together with "ginamos". To me, it was a good meal. Even here in the U.S., rice is limited to each consumer. Wow, this makes me think of the "Revelation" in the bible. I hope so not... The price of gas is going up and there is a great scarcity of rice all over the world. God help us!

Amadeus Home Music School

Learning about music can be really fun. I have always wanted to learn how to play some musical instruments. Are you into it too? Well, I have something for you. The Amadeus Home Music School offers musical education such voice, piano, guitar and many others. They are equipped with professional and expert teachers to help you improve and develop your talents in music. They are going to expand in UK and Asia; aiming to be the chief and leading in-home music lesson school company in the world.


I started to be more conscious with my health when I became a vegetarian. And now I am on the way to be a vegan. It takes time, efforts and sacrifices to go that route. But once you are there, it’s worth it. Today, I would to talk to about detoxification. Detoxification is the removal of toxic substances in our body. This may sound so vague to you. You might be thinking about taking some cleansing medicine. Well, I have another alternative for you. They are detox foods that contain cleansing agents. Eating clean will give you a fresh start.
  • Green Leafy vegetables- I love these vegetables, especially
  • “Malunggay”. I know malunggay has cleansing effects to our body. It can even heal a wound. Eat the green leafy vegetables raw, throw them into a broth, and add them to juices. Their chlorophyll helps mop out ecological toxins (heavy metals, pesticides) and protects the liver.
  • Lemons - It contains vitamin C- the detox vitamin. It helps convert the toxics to a water soluble substance so it can easily be flushed away.
  • Green Tea- I love tea. This antioxidant-rich brew is one of the healthiest ways to get more fluids into your system. It contains catechin that speed up liver activities
  • Broccoli sprouts - They are 20 to 50 times more cancer-fighting, enzyme-stimulating activity into each bite than the grown-up vegetable.
  • Cabbage - There are two main types of detoxifying enzymes in the liver; this potent veggie helps activate both of them. I love cabbage so much, may it be raw or cooked.
  • Fruits - rich in vitamin C, fiber, nutritious fluids, and all kinds of antioxidants.
  • Garlic - it gives benefits to cardio or heart, it activates liver enzymes that help filter out junk. I really love garlic. I don’t know if I can eat without it. Hehe just teasing. I love roasted garlic. It is so mouthwatering.

That’s all people! Make sure you have these foods in your list before you go to the grocery. Have a good chow!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tactical Pants

Are you into military outfit or gear? If you'd ask me, I like military gear. I do think they are cool. I have a website for you to check out. The lapolicegear.com has all the military gear you want with well-known brands with great deals and prices. You might want to look up their 5.11 Tactical Pants. They have zip off, lightweight ripstop fabric; cargo pockets can hold a cell phone, flashlight, spare mags, handcuffs, and knives and self-adjusting waist for extra comfy fit features. And they have a promotion now; with any purchase of two 5.11 Tactical clothing items, you get free shipping and free hat. It is the right place where you can get the right gear you need.

Red Rose for Ladies

From the bottom of
my heart I wanna say thank you
Joy for this beautiful
red rose award.
You made my day!

Red rose has number of thorns in it
when it pint your finger it hurts
Everyday in my life is just like red roses.
Sometimes life is not always bed of roses.
But life is great with God.

Now, it's my turn to share this red rose.
I am awarding the following persons...

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Winds of Asharra

I really like fantasy, classics, romance novels, etc. Are you also into it? The Winds of aAsharra novel has caught my attention. The book contains 600 pages of fantasy/romance novel. That sounds really interesting considering the pages. It is a newly published and written by R. Leigh. I looked up the Homepage for The Winds of Asharra and I read the synopsis of story. I just could hardly wait to read the whole tale or story of this book. However, the cover of the book is so appealing as it tells the mystery and vagueness of the story and the characters. The Winds of Asharra has its unique style. It is intermingled of creative fantasy, escapade and burning romance in an imaginative scenery.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Get The Party Started

I came across this popular song, "Get The Party Started" on youtube. I found this wonderful and excellent Shirley Bassey's version. I really do think her version is better than the original version by "Pink". She makes this song sound like the "Bond" theme. I like this song a lot. For me, it's all time song. I really like Shirley Bassey's voice and her songs, most especially, "Goldfinger"from James Bond movie. I have known here since I was kid because my father has an album collection of her songs. Her voice doesn't change. She popularized the songs, "Diamonds are Forever", "I who have nothing", "This is my life" etc. No can ever compare to her voice. She is a great Diva!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An alligator in the kitchen

I found this news really interesting. I wanted to share it here in my blog. A 69-year old woman in Tampa, Florida found an alligator hanging around in her kitchen. Isn't it creepy if that actually happens to you? Surely, I will freak out and might run or I don't know. I'd be rushing to get out of my house. The alligator was 8-foot long. That is really big. They allegedly said that the alligator must have gone through the screen door at her back porch. Then went inside quietly to the living area and finally went to the kitchen. The alligator sounds smart. He knows where the food is. hehe Finally, a trapper got the alligator out of the house and was banged to the ground during the chaos. I bet you, the alligator was really strong. It is scary to think about this news. So, watch out and always lock your door if you live near an alligator or crocodile habitat. Well, it is always good to close or lock the main doors anyway, not only about animals but also robbers or thieves.

long weekend

I had a long and a nice weekend. We went to the Parkway swimming pool last Saturday morning in Chula Vista. It was fun. I really liked the pool. It's clean and the temperature is controlled. We thought it's going to be cold because it was overcast or cloudy on that day. Then, we went to our friends' house in the afternoon. And we had some barbecue there. Of course, we had some veggie burgers. It was my first time to have a morningstar veggie burger because I always have a boca burger. It tasted good. You know something new. We stayed in their house until 11pm. We had such a nice talk. They are very good friends.

On Sunday, we had a potluck in the church. I brought pasta salad. My friend at the church asked me if I bought it from the deli. But I didn't buy it. I made it! I thought it would not turn out right. hahaha. I was glad that they liked it. Then after the church potluck, we went for a bike ride. I was doing good with my bicycle. I did not know how to ride a bicycle when I was still in the Philippines. It was my husband who taught me how to ride. I am so grateful about it. I still get intimidated when riding my bicycle every now and then. I already fell over twice. The first one was really bad. I hurt my left knee. But I am learning. That's all for the last weekend. It was really fun.

Friday, April 18, 2008

MAP communications

It is a great part of a company to have an excellent customer service in order to be really successful in this competitive world. Mapcommunications.com opens a door for you regarding this matter. What is this all about? Well, this is about Answering Service and a call center that offers an outstanding solution to any business may it be big or small. In this way, you can provide and help more your clients with great service. And you can gain more profit out of it. The most important is, it will create a very good impression to your customers or clients. It makes your business stand out professional.

MAP offers you with a better solution and features that any other call center or Answering Service that could ever present such as Voice Mail Services, Specialty Call Screening, Live Operator Answering Services, Toll Free services for U.S and Canada, Professional receptionists with an excellent communication skills, Automated On-Call Rosters, Emergency Response Specialists, Multiple Message Dispatch Options Receive text messages via your and many others. It will be less hassle on your part to deal with many customers because MAP will work with you and do the business for you.

Their main goal is to serve you with business professionalism. This is a great solution if you want your business to expand in the business and technology world. Check out their 7-day Trial Period with no force, no commitment and your information is safe and secure. And for more information, visit their site or call Tool Free 800-627-0114.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tips to improve emotional health

Tips to improve emotional health

Do you feel oversensitive sometimes? You might be thinking that something is really wrong with you. Well, I hope this article helps and guides you in improving your emotional health.

Recognize your emotions and trace the root cause. Sort out the causes of sadness, stress and anxiety in your life. These are the following helpful tips:

Express your feelings in appropriate ways. If feelings of stress, sadness or anxiety are causing physical problems, keeping these feelings inside can make you feel worse. It’s OK to let your loved ones know when something is bothering you. Sometimes, we tend to displace our emotions so bad. More often, we use any escapes to deal with our emotions. We have to face our emotions and feel it. Share it with God.

Live a balanced life. Try not to obsess about the problems at work, school or home that lead to negative feelings. This doesn’t mean you have to pretend to be happy when you feel stressed, anxious or upset. It’s important to deal with these negative feelings, but try to focus on the positive things in your life too. You may want to use a journal to keep track of things that make you feel happy or peaceful. Some research has shown that having a positive outlook can improve your quality of life and give your health a boost. You may also need to find ways to let go of some things in your life that make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. Make time for things you enjoy.

Calm your mind and body. Relaxation methods, such as meditation, are useful ways to bring your emotions into balance. Meditation is a form of guided thought. It can take many forms. For example, you may do it by exercising, stretching or breathing deeply. Ask your family doctor for advice about relaxation methods.

Take care of yourself. To have good emotional health, it’s important to take care of your body by having a regular routine for eating healthy meals, getting enough sleep and exercising to relieve pent-up tension. Avoid overeating and don’t abuse drugs or alcohol. Using drugs or alcohol just causes other problems, such as family and health problems.

All the things I mentioned here are helpful. It takes courage and time to be emotionally healthy.

North Idaho Realty

Are you interested in buying real estate properties in Idaho? Here is one for you. The Prestige Realty gives excellent real estate services. It is the top real estate agency in Idaho. They have everything you need in terms of real estate. Their goals are to serve people and meet the needs of the clients. They have team agents whom you can count on and trust in regards of helping you in making decisions about buying and selling properties. As we know, real estate is a good asset though it fluctuates but Idaho is a great place to live because of the economy that has been constantly booming.

The Prestige Realty Of North Idaho is located in 805 E. Sherman Avenue, Coeur d' Alene, ID 83814. Their contact number is 208-765-4500 main. They also offer rebates. What is this all about? They offer rebates on real estate dealings up to $10,000 for buyers and sellers. Let me explain this further. You can take benefit of the rebate as a buyer, knowing that they can pay you a rebate up to $10,000 despite to which the property is listed as long as you retain them as agent in the transaction. Secondly, they will pay sellers a $3,000 rebate at closing and $10,000 rebate at closing if they won’t be able to sell your home in 65 days. I would say that this is a very good program or deal. For more information about this rebate program, visit http://www.Northidahorebates.com.

With prestigerealtyni.com, you can find it a very helpful and customer oriented Real Estate Company from buying, selling, mortgage, relocating, developments and many others. Their site is very informative. All the things you want to know about real estate is in there. They provide, help and serve you up to utmost satisfaction. You can find a lot of leisure activities such skiing, hiking, boating, kayaking, golfing, and biking in North Idaho. It is a great place to live. For more information, visit their site now.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

List of health-risk ingredients

These are the ingredients that we should avoid in our food or toiletries. They can cause cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, etc. We should be health conscious because life is short. Life is a gift from God. To express our gratitude, we must take care of it.

Sodium nitrite (causes cancer)- this is mostly can be found in ham, salami, hotdogMSG / monosodium glutamate / yeast extract (causes obesity and nerve damage
Hydrogenated oils (causes heart disease) like partially hydrogenated oils

High-fructose corn syrup / sugar / sucrose (causes diabetes and obesity) is not really good for us

Artificial colors (causes behavioral disorders)

Aspartame (causes brain damage, optic nerve damage)

Homogenized milk fats (cause heart disease and cardiovascular disorders)

Red meat (absolutely no beef, pork, or other red meat)

Cows' milk, cheese and dairy products

Soft drinks, junk foods, snack foods or fast foods

Processed foods such as cookies, crackers, frozen or tv dinners, etc.

Fried foods

White flour and any foods containing white flour

Refined carbohydrates such as breads, cereals, pastries, pizza dough, etc.

Fruit juice drinks- like cool aid, fruit juice pouches, those with added sugar or high fructose corn syrup

Brand-name laundry detergents (loaded with toxic fragrance chemicals)
Popular deodorants (contain aluminum)
Fluoride toothpaste (fluoride is a dangerous ingredient)
Popular shampoos / soaps / conditioners (all contain harmful fragrance chemicals)

Dryer sheets (contain fragrance chemicals)
So, take note of these ingredients. They are definitely bad for you. I became a health conscious person when I became a vegetarian. Now, I am on my way to be a vegan. But it takes time.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

There is a helpful site wherein it will convert your website to a successful online business in the Internet arena or marketing. It will help your site be listed in the first two pages in Google and other search engines. That means it will attract more customers to your online business. At annatulchinsky.com, there is a Self-guided online SEO check list that is very easy to study and learn. They offer free SEO tool plan for newly established small businesses. They feature an extensive series of Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services and products. You will learn a lot of helpful information about Search Engine Optimization in this site. Check it out now.

World Wide Link Love

Summer in Blue tagged me with this linky love chain! Thank you a lot!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Windows 7

There is a latest version of Windows operating software, which is named Windows 7, to be released next year. The software industry has been aiming to copy more usual updates of the operating system software that rules many personal computers all over the world. Bill Gates of Microsoft Corp. expected this software to be out in the market sooner. I wonder if this new version of Windows is better than Vista. I never tried Vista but I really like Windows XP Pro. We will see what’s going to happen.

In a Stateless Society

I came across this site that talks about how the culture and society affect people. The Stateless Society Website wishes the human race all over the world to focus on Liberty, Peace and Harmony. It talks about how war could really affect life in general. That war is not a humanitarian act.

However, the site propagates the principles of the famous Ghandi. When I read this site, it reminds me of Ghandi on how he wanted to have peace instead of war. This site will educate us and unlock our minds about the real concept of life and society. I would suggest anybody to read this site and learn from it. Peace starts within us because we create society. I am very glad to see a site like this because I thought that the ideals and principles of Ghandi don’t exist anymore these days. This site talks about how to be humble and not to be greedy. In this day and age, people forget about how the world becomes more violent. Through this site, we can learn the things that will lead the whole world to unity and harmony.

The author wants and aims, us, people to get united and harmonized in a stateless society where there are no tyrants could control us and diplomat attitude should be applied to everyone of this world and live harmoniously without fighting against each other over a tiny or big problem. To know more about Stateless Society Website, just visit their site and join and participate in their forum.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Legendary Charlton Heston

You might be wondering why I posted this topic in my blog. Me and my husband watched one of our favorite movies called "Ben-Hur- A Tale of the Christ":. at home last Saturday night. I watched this movie almost 2 years ago when I got here since we have the dvd. My husband last night wanted to watch it again. I really love this movie and I was so excited about it. The movie talks about the Christianity. It was based on a novel, which was written 1880 by Lew Wallace.

When I read the news in the net today, I was surprised to see that the actor who played the role Ben-Hur, Charlton Heston died at 84 last Saturday night. Isn't it weird? He played as Moses, El Cid, John the Baptist, and many Christian movies. I do think he was a very good actor.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Show off your talent thru Blog tv

Do you want to utilize your talents? Well, here is one for you. Blogtv.com is a place where you can share your talents live tv online. The site has features that are simple to use with. All you need is a web-cam, and you can make your own blog thru blogtv. It is compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. The videos and sound are very clear. It is way different from other competitors over the net. However, you can create a fan club through this site. You can air or broadcast live show or have recorded shows. Isn’t it amazing? This is one of the ways that your unique talents will be seen and get discovered all over the world live broadcast.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Konstructa Hire

Press Release:

Reputation of Konstructa Hire rescues a site development with their site accommodation hire
Written by Mr A R Atkins-Kruger
Although they were almost left literally outside in the cold by their original site accommodation hire company, the staff at the Longcross Group, a leader in the UK’s building services industry, is now able to relax into their new construction site accommodation. The buildings were delivered to the company’s site at Tesco Bracknell, by quality site accommodation provider Konstructa Hire.

The project run by the Longcross Group is the demolition and rebuild of the Bracknell Tesco site, on behalf Tesco, who is now the UK’s largest retailer. Because of the project’s scale it meant that 150 staff working for Longcross were in urgent need of comfortable site accommodation for the site development.

John Cunningham, Site Manager at Longcross Group, commented ‘Despite coming highly recommended from a subsidiary Longcross division, we were completely, but pleasantly, surprised at the speed and quality of the units Konstructa Hire supplied.

We were badly let down by our original supplier, but because Konstructa Hire has a reputation for consistently delivering high quality solutions in the most demanding timescales, they were the obvious choice for a replacement supplier. Delivering fully fitted out units in just three days, they literally saved the day.’

Konstructa Hire was able to provide ten sturdy, anti-vandal buildings, which comfortably provided complete site facilities, such as a reception, offices, meeting rooms, toilets and storage facilities.

Full details of Konstructa Hire site accommodation and case studies of completed projects can be found on their website www.konstructa.co.uk

The Konstructa Hire pre-fabricated site buildings are made entirely of steel to provide the versatility and stability that is needed for a building site environment, and which also offer high levels of security and safety on the construction site.

Konstructa Hire were given only three days notice of Longcross’s needs, and were able to deliver and install all of the buildings before the deadline.

Because of their efficiency and quality in delivering the site accommodation hire, it meant that Longcross’s construction was not delayed needlessly. The units that were delivered were double stacked to create two-storey buildings which were equipped by the Konstructa Hire team with all the office and canteen furniture required.

John continued, ‘The units were of a very high standard and many of them were brand new. They provide a comfortable and clean working environment.

‘Konstructa Hire exceeded all of our quality and service requirements, even continuing to ensure our needs were met after the installation with a helpful project management service. We will certainly go straight to Konstructa Hire in future!’

Konstructa Hire is part of the Shepherd Group, and has over 45 years worth of construction experience, as well as excellent quality standards, particularly the Konstructa Hire commitment to customer service.

There is a team of highly experienced specialists who are accessible whenever needed to offer advice and guidance about the services and facilities, which guarantees customers an unrivalled and professional service.

Since the company was launched from its West-London Regional Hire in Dunstable, the business has continued to grow and develop, as it opens up many other regional network Hire Centres, including the new base for Yorkshire and the North East in Sherburn-in-Elmet.

To learn how Konstructa Hire can offer construction products and services that you need for your business call 0845 355 3444 or visit www.konstructa.co.uk.

Notes to Editors
Konstructa and Konstructa Hire are registered trade marks.

For further media information please contact
Jenny Simpson
Online News & PR Manager
Tel: 44 1904 780030

This press release was found on www.prbuzz.com. Konstructa Hire sounds very responsive to the needs of Longcross Group in terms of site construction facilities. They are the leading construction site accommodation in UK. They provide excellent, premium construction buildings, and outstanding safety standards. They are known for highly regarded service in delivery within in 48 hours. So if you are looking for expert construction site accommodation, then get Konstructa Hire now. For more information visit www.konstructa.co.uk.

Rice shortage in the Philippines

A quick rise in the price of rice is striking consumers and lifting worries and fears of civic chaos in the Philippines. They blame rising fuel and fertilizer expenses as well as crops reduced by disease, pests and climate change. Much concern about prices could rise a further 40 percent in coming months. The higher prices have already flickered protests in the Philippines. The government officials have asked the public to save leftover rice. Prestoline Suyat of the May One Labor Movement, a left-wing workers group warned that hunger and poverty might eventually lead to riots. Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo worries about anything that could flash a "people power" revolt against her. She is guaranteeing the neither public that rice won’t run out nor raise in price during the lean traditional months of July to September. She has arranged the purchase of up to 1.5 million tons from Vietnam. She also has planned on attack on price manipulation, hoarding and exploiting on subsidized rice. It is very sad to know about this recent crisis arising in the Philippines. I really feel bad about this situation. My family in P.I. also notified me about this recent rice shortage. I just pray that God will bless the Philippines with more food.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

server pronto

I have been looking for a good web host or server lately and I am very glad to come across with SeverPronto. The site contains information and real reviews about many web hosts you can find in the net. It will guide me in my selection and research on which web host or server I should get or choose so I can more money and time. I found reviews from the consumers who exactly used SeverPronto. This is a very informative and helpful site. SeverPronto also offers affordable server for your business it may be for web development, emails, photos, selling etc. Check out server pronto now and learn about the web h