Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Do you shop online?

Shopping online has become very popular these days. Shopping can be really fun when you have the great and huge selections of different products. If so, here are my tips:

· Read the site’s privacy policy to learn how it uses and shares your personal information. Be aware that there are many online stores that sell your personal information.
· Shop at Secure Web Sites. Check if the site uses an encryption technology to transfer information from your computer to the online merchant’s computer. Encryption scrambles the information you send to prevent hackers from stealing the code. Look for the padlock icon on the browser, not on the web page.
· Secure your computer with anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall and others
· Use a credit card. Don’t you know that the safest payment method to use online is credit card? If anything goes wrong, you have the right to dispute charges and withhold payments on your credit card. You are protected under the Federal Fair Credit Billing Act.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Internet cookies

What are Internet cookies? These cookies are different. Internet cookies are bits of information stored in your browser, known as text strings. When you are browsing your internet the web server placed some text files on your computer as cookies. The main purpose of cookies to save your preferences that you specify for future reference. You can enable or disable your computer web browser cookies. But it is important for you if you disable your browser cookies, may be some website will not work properly.
If you are using Internet Explorer 6.x and later then follow the given steps to enable or disable cookies
Open Internet Explorer, click on the Tools then Internet Options
Click on Privacy tab from the left top of dialog box and click on Advanced button
To enable the cookies, select the Accept option and for disable check the option Override automatic cookies handling then click on block
Now restart the browser to execute changes