Friday, November 21, 2008

Zenni Optical's holiday Rx Eyeglasses

Zenni Optical offers a great selection of trendy holiday prescription eyeglasses. You can choose different colors, such as red, green, purple, patterned colors, and many others, that match with holidays. So, if you want to get yourself or your loved ones something for Christmas or to have a new look for this holiday season, check out holiday glass frames from Zenni Optical. Zenni Optical is widely recognized for its reasonably priced variety of fashionable $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses. Read the general information for more details. Zenni Optical never goes out of trendy prescription eyeglasses. It is the popular online eyeglasses shop.

Who’s the 2008 sexiest man alive?

Who’s the 2008 sexiest man alive? It’s Hugh Jackman. He just turned 40 on Oct. 12. He’s married for 12 years now to Deborra-Lee Furness whom he met in a TV show in Australia called Correlli. He proposed to her at about three months of dating (That sounds fast). His wife calls his perfect form "the Body of Doom – but she likes what's inside. Jackman sings ballads at home and makes pancakes his two kids, for Oscar, 8, and Ava. I like Hugh Jackman – he is great actor. Do you think he deserves the title?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Finest sterling silver jewellry

I always like Sterling Silver Jewellry. Are you into Sterling Silver Jewellry too? I have a great online store for you to check out. It is They have a wide array of high quality, fashionable and unique sterling silver jewellries. These sterling silver jewellries are 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper to add beauty and durability. I would like to buy sterling silver bracelets. I want to give one for my sister for this coming Christmas and one for me, of course. I have sterling silver bracelet, earrings, and a ring.

Sterling silver is more popular than gold because they are pretty and affordable. We can still be fashionable with jewellries despite the recession we are facing now – we just have to be more resourceful and practical in buying.

However, KeySilver’s sterling silver jewellries can’t be found and bought anywhere else as they exclusively came from Thailand. We see many online stores and retailers that sell sterling silver but KeySilver is exceptional. Because of its prices and distinctive and matchless sterling silver jewellries.

KeySilver is a UK based online store and has been in business since 2006. They cater excellent customer service to worldwide. They offer international shipping but don’t think of the shipping fee because it is free. Isn’t it nice? I can order sterling silver jewellries at KeySilver at reasonable price and free shipping. That’s really a great deal. And plus, they offer a 14-day money back guarantee. That’s an excellent customer service.

So, check out their finely crafted Silver Bangles in print with fine quality mark, stylish silver bracelets with different designs, only one of its kind and exceptional silver pendants, and stunning necklaces. And get a silver cleaning cloth and jewel bag to supplement and add-on to your favorite sterling silver jewelry. Browse items by category or search tool for easy and fast access and search.


Tonight, I am going to cook Taquitos. It will be my first time. I hope it'd be successful. I will take a picture after I cooked them and post it here later. I am going to update it probably tomorrow. And if it's successful, I am going to share my recipe here. Taquitos came into my mind when my husband told me that he was craving for Mexican food. It has been a while since I had Mexican dish. So, tonight I am going to cook Taquitos. I will update this post later for more details.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sears Layaway program

I am done with my shopping list for Christmas. I have listed down the items that I want purchase for my family. I am so glad that Sears is having a Layaway program for this holiday season. I love shopping at Sears – it is one of my favorite shopping stores in our area. They always have some great deals especially for holiday season. I want to avail of Sears Layaway program. I can shop now, make some payments, and get the items after I’m done with my payments. I want to shop as soon as possible while the store is not busy yet. By the way, before I’ll go Sears store in our area, I have checked some items that I wanted to get for Layaway plan. I want to get a ProForm Exercise Bike for my husband since our exercise bike broke a couple months ago. He really likes to exercise every day so I think this item is best for him. And right now it is on sale - $50 discount. Additionally, I want to get my parents a digital camera Canon 8.0MP with 8.0 Megapixels and 4x optical zoom. They’ve been thinking about getting a digital camera so I’ve thought of giving them one. And for my stepson, I want to get him a 4 Pad Digital Drum with Sticks. He really likes to play musical instruments especially drums.
However, it is more practical to purchase those items through Sears Layaway program since I want to avoid using my credit card because of the interest rate. I am glad about Sears Layaway program.


Mohawk hairstyle?

k bizarre and funny. It always reminds me of "Mr. T'. A man's mohawk may be the tallest in the worlds, please check out the picture below. This man named Eric Hahn is a musician in Nebraska. He has an impressive 27-inch-high mohawk in hopes of claiming a record for the hairstyle in the Guinness World Record, which he'll beat the old Guiness World Record's 3-inch mohawk.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Red Rocks Data Center

I think it is about time to think of some ways on how to conserve energy. We have to conserve energy and cut our expenses during this recession. I am impressed with Red Rocks Data Center – they have come up with unique green concept and environmental techniques to conserve energy. They have invented and developed a “air economizer”. This tool exchanges the hot air from the outside and brings in cooler air from the mountain. In this way, they don't have to use too much energy for air conditioner. And they were able to reduce their operating expense and energy issues and to meet the needs of their clients. However, they are also planning on developing a device that will capture hot air and use it to heat their facilities during winter season. Red Rocks Data Center is the only green data center in Colorado. What is Red Rock Data Center? Red Rocks Data Center is a data center and web hosting company great for small and medium business. To know more about their green concept, go to Red Rocks Data Center's Green Page or read the press release below.

Press Release:

Contact: Tom Nats
Managing Partner
Phone: 303-558-2155 x201
866-528-5111 toll free
PO Box 803
Morrison CO

Red Rocks Data Center Installs Energy Efficient Cooling System

“A state-of-the-art ‘air economizer’ system further reduces Red Rocks Data Center operational costs and environmental impact.”

Morrison, Colorado - November 17, 2008: Red Rocks Data Center (RRDC), striving to become one of
the nation's "greenest" data centers, recently installed an environmentally responsible cooling system. They chose a Trane Voyager ( unit which incorporates an outdoor air economizer that uses free
mountain air to cool the data center.

Installation of this cutting edge cooling system has cut RRDC’s cooling costs to one-sixth that of their previous, conventional air conditioning system. “By cutting our consumption of green house gas emitting, coal-fired electricity, we have put our money where our mouth is in regards to becoming one of Colorado’s greenest data centers while passing the cost savings onto our customers”, remarked RRDC’s managing partner, Tom Nats. RRDC was recently awarded the Bronze level in the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s "Environmental Leadership Awards" for their energy efficiency. In addition, RRDC is working with the Colorado School of Mines to design a data center expansion area in the most environmentally-friendly means possible.

RRDC is hidden behind the "hog back" in Morrison, Colorado in a "frost hollow" that has abundant cool air. Housed in a former NASA satellite uplink facility, the center now draws cool, filtered mountain air into the building throughout the year, virtually eliminating the need for expensive air conditioning. Tom adds, “We will also be adding duct work to capture hot server air and use it to heat our office space during the winter months. This allows us to virtually eliminate our heating costs.” Mr. Nats adds “We also offer discounts to ‘green’ groups and nonprofits.”

New features for Windows Live

Windows Live has added a social networking that features for users which they will be able to connect with their friends, make a contacts and create networks of people. It also features new feeds with information about the actions taken on Twitter, the photo sharing Web site Flickr and a lot more. Brian Hall (the general manager of Windows Live said, "We're now at the point where we can go beyond siloed communication tools that don't work together -- and start to integrate the best of them," Aside from the social networking features. Another great feature for the new Windows Live is tools that will help users manage their e-mail and calendars and also create blogs and post photos. The concept is to make Windows Live on a parallel point with FaceBook, MySpace and Google Inc. for social networking idea.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Great Eyeglasses starting at $8

Zenni Optical was on Fox news! Zenni Optical has a wide array of stylish complete prescription eyeglasses you could ever find in the marketplace today. If you were looking for eyeglasses, get Great Eyeglasses For Less starting at $8 in price. Their site is Zenni Optical’s eyeglasses are affordable because Zenni Optical manufactures their own products and they don’t do huge advertisement campaign. Check out their online store now and choose variable dimension frames from Zenni. They have valuable information what to do before you order items.Check that out!

Holiday shopping

Holiday shopping is such a big deal to most people. In shopping, you have to make a shopping list and a practical financial plan to avoid the post-holiday headache. What I usually do:

  • List the people I plan to buy gifts for including the type of gifts and the budget.
  • I usually include expenditure for wrappings, greeting cards and postage.
  • I shop around and look for affordable prices.

By doing these ways, I can keep track of my funds. I really hate spending too much on holidays. I make sure that I got the best deals. Hope this helps. Any suggestions are welcome too!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

a practical way for holiday shopping

Are you ready for holiday shopping? Or have you already started shopping? Christmas will be here before we know it. I am still working on my shopping list for Christmas since funds are not allowing me to shop yet. I am going to buy my husband a designer shirt and warm outwear for Christmas - I bet, my husband will be surprised. However, I was glad to find out that Kmart offers layaway plan which I can pay for those items over 8 weeks time. I actually looked up their site today. In Layaway program, I just have to choose items, bring them to the Layaway counter and make a down payment. The payments are every two weeks. And after I’m done with payments, I can bring home the items. This is a good route to go since I don’t have enough funds yet for the coming holidays. However, I don’t want to use my credit card because I want to avoid interest. Last year, I spent more than I wanted because I waited until the store got so busy and I did not have time to meticulously choose what I wanted. And plus, the cheaper items were already gone. Christmas is weeks from now. I still have time avail of Kmart Layaway program. I would say this is a practical way for holiday shopping.

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Saturn's auroral displays

This is the Infrared imagery from the Cassini orbiter, the northern lights on Saturn. The observation marked the first time a hexagon in atmospheric patterns - auroral displays. It is the planet's polar cloud patterns in shades of red. The scientists concluded that these auroral displays should not exist. They thought it was strange and unusual. Isn't that pretty and mysterious? I always like astronomy. It is very interesting to me - how God made the universe.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Akoya pearls

Are you fond of collecting jewelries? Take a look at the picture below - the High grade Akoya pearls . Akoya pearls are also known as Hanadama or Mikimoto. They are premium and classic pearls from Japan. Akoya pearls are the best and known to be expensive at jewelries stores but you can actually get them at at low prices. The Pearl Distributors directly got these pearls from Japan. That’s why they are affordable. They guarantee the best and high quality pearls you could ever find.

Notice the big difference between low grade freshwater pearls and high quality Akoya pearls. The Akoya pearl necklace is finished with a double locking lovely solid 14K Yellow Gold Fishook Filigree Clasp. They look so lovely!

Veterans Day

Veterans Day! Veterans Day is an annual American holiday honoring military veterans. Veterans Day started when U.S. President Woodrow Wilson first proclaimed an "Armistice Day" for November 12, 1919. The United States Congress passed an agreeing resolution seven years later in 1926 requesting the President issue another proclamation to observe November 11 with appropriate ceremonies for the armies in the World War I and became a legal holiday. And then in 1953, a shoe store owner in Kansas, named Al King made a campaign "Armistice Day" to Veterans Day.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tactical Pants

Do you like tactical pants? A great place to check out for tactical pants is The has a wide array of popular branded tactical pants at great prices. They directly got these pants from the manufacturer, that’s why they are cheaper compare to some retail stores. They have regular tactical pants, 5.11 Tactical Pants spacious cargo pockets, operator tactical pants with lots of pockets, blackhawk style and 24/7 tactical pants. These pants features cargo pockets can hold a cell phone, flashlight, spare mags, handcuffs, and knives and self-adjusting waist for extra comfy fit features. Check this site out for tactical pants.

Paksiw na bangus

I had "Paksiw na bangus" the other day. I was craving for Pinoy food lately so I went to a Filipino restaurant here in our place. Checked out their menu and found this "Paksiw na bangus". It has been a long time since I had "bangus" or milkfish. I had a great time eating it, but I missed my mother's way of cooking paksiw.