Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines

Why Valentines Day is symbolized or associated with Cupids? It is because the story of Cupid is one of love. Cupid was said to have fallen in love with Psyche, a mortal. He married her, but she was forbidden to look at him. One day she disobeyed these orders but Cupid ran away from her. In order to be reunited with Cupid, Psyche paid a visit to Venus, Cupid's mother. After making her undergo several tests, Venus reunited Psyche and Cupid. Eventually, according to the story, Cupid and Psyche gave birth to a child named pleasure (what a name!). Other legends about Cupid's arrows. It is said that whoever is struck or hit by Cupid's arrow immediately falls in love with the next person they see. Supposedly, this is how Venus came to fall in love with the god Adonis. Cupid's arrows are either golden or leaden. A golden arrow represents true love, while a leaden arrow represents lust. Sometimes, Cupid is even said to carry a torch. This torch is supposedly used to light passion between a man and a woman.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Tips for Positive Mental Health

Living mentally healthy is one our of the goals in life. We are try to focus more on our physical health. And yet, we take our mental health for granted sometimes.

Tips for Positive Mental Health:

1. Talk about your feelings
2.Write down whatever is troubling your mind
3. Keep active
4. Eat well (fruits and vegetables)
5. Sleep well (aim 8-hour sleep)
6. Keep in touch with friends and loved ones
7. Get the knowledge, take control- Gathering information also allows us to explore the different treatments and therapies that are available and decide how we want to move forward.
8. Change your lifestyles (from complex to simple)
9.Change of scene can help improve our mood, clear our heads and make it easier to see negative or troublesome thoughts for what they are.
10. Avoid caffeine or stimulant drugs
11. Change our thinking, our mood changes with it. Spot and Stop damaging thoughts
12. Spend time outdoors in green spaces is calming and helps lift mood.
13. Enjoy your coping skills.
14. Set realistic goals
15.Keep an eye on personal stress
16. Get involved in the church, good community, make contributions etc.
17. Find a hobby like blogging (haha)
18. Do good
19. Ask for help
20. Open your ears to music
21. Exercise
22. At lastly, this is my tip... Say a prayer every day.