Wednesday, November 28, 2007

gratitude blog

I just started my extra small job today. It is a sort of a seasonal or Christmas job. It is a small internet business. I really enjoyed it a lot. I am learning new things. This would help me in the future, if I want to have an internet business or whatsoever. The people are very nice and very organized. Above all these things I mentioned, I was so thankful to God about this opportunity. I learn new things and at the same time, I earn an extra income. I have been wanting to have a sideline this Christmas season. God knows my desires. He is so giving and loving.

Monday, November 26, 2007

love is...

I was downloading songs from limewire and suddenly, I remembered a song. I twisted my brain to remember the title of the song. I couldn't sing it. Isn't it strange to you? Does it happen to you sometimes? Eventually, a flashback to my high school days. I used to collect song books. I remembered the artist, it was Brian Mcknight. I excitedly searched it through Google but to no avail. I gave up. But later, I realized not to give up. So finally, I thought of you tube. That was an easy one. I found it. The song was Love is by Brian Mcknight and Vanessa Williams. I really love this song. Unfortunately, I could not find a good original video of this song. Among the videos, this is the only one that I like. Click play and enjoy!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Today is Saturday. It reminds me of the song by Chicago. It goes like this, "Saturday in the park, I think it was the Fourth of July ". But today is not the fourth of July. haha Well, that song just crossed my mind. Yesterday, my hubby went to Best Buy to get a flat screen computer monitor early in the morning. Good thing he was able to get in the store and get the monitor right away. The monitor was a good deal. It was Black Friday here in the U.S.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving day, where it is the beginning of the Traditional Christmas shopping season. Most of the big stores were jammed and packed with bargain hunters. Can you believe it? Many people were waiting outside the stores for the Black Friday event since Wednesday night. They brought folding beds, sleeping bags, chairs, blankets or any thing that could make them comfortable while waiting until Black Friday. The stores opened at early in the morning like around 5 o'clock. People freaked out to buy ipods, laptops etc. which are more salable on Black Friday. I bet there were many shoplifters too. haha Heck, I don't want to fall in line and wait outside the store with chilly air. But it might be fun to some people.

Friday, November 23, 2007


Yesterday was thanksgiving day. I didn't have time to visit my blog. Oy vay, I was so exhausted from work. When I got home, my husband prepared a Tofurky dinner. Instead of having turkey for thanksgiving day, we had Tofurky. Tofurky is made from tofu or vegetarian protein. It is a vegetarian meat alternative food. My husband roasted it with vegetables such as onions, potatoes and carrots. It turned out really good. It was our first time to have tofurkey. The gravy and the pot stickers were really yummy. I would not hesitate to recommend it to my friends, especially, those who are vegetarians or vegans.

By the way, if you are interested to try tofurky. You can get it at Wholefoods market. I love that grocery store. It is one of the best stores in the U.S. They have a huge variety of organic and vegetarian products or food.

Back to the thanksgiving day, I really enjoyed it with my husband. We had a candlelight. It was romantic. I had a great time with him.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


We had a potluck at work today. Me and my co-worker Olivia split for a cherry pie. But pumpkin pie is the traditional food on Thanksgiving day. I never had a good pumpkin pie in my whole life. The ones I had, all sucked. haha Heck, pumpkin pie is no biggie to me. We had a big roasted turkey and ham at the break room. I was not really impressed with the turkey. It was dry and the gravy was not good. So I just had green beans, rolls and chicken soup. And for the dessert I got cheese cake and oatmeal cake. yummy! Well, over all, I enjoyed our potluck party. It was a good gathering, though.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Today is Tuesday and there are many things on mind. I can't wait for the weekend. I can't really enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday. I have to work. The management put me in the schedule. Well, there is nothing I can do with it. I am just an ordinary worker (sigh). Anyhow, I'm going make money on that day. That is the brighter side of it. haha And my good husband told me that he is going to make us dinner on Thanksgiving Day. That is something I am gladly looking forward to. hmmm Let us see what's going to happen. haha.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Yesterday, I had my first roller skate experience. I fell on the ground once. My husband taught me well, as usual, he is a good teacher. lol We went to Skateworld in Linda Vista. I had so much fun. At first, I was scared to do it. But later I got used to it. It was more fun than I thought. I got tired, though. I know it will take time before I could really enjoy it. haha The skate place is cool. I had never been to a skate place back in the Philippines. Well, I want to practice skating more in one of these days. Maybe this is my sports thing. It is not really a sports. But I mean to say, it could be my athletic thing or whatever you call it. Name it! haha My husband told me that I was doing good yesterday and it seemed like it was not my first time at all. haha

Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's the weekend

It's the weekend and I am off today. I am so darn tired. I am drinking Chai tea, right now. I got this tea from Trader Joe's. It is an organic chai tea. I really like it a lot. I want to go back to Trader Joe's in one of these days. They have some pretty good deals. Being a vegetarian, that store works out for me. Honestly, I have been trying to be a perfect vegetarian but sometimes I crave for meat. Well, I guess there is nothing really wrong with it, right? lol Before I left my country, Philippines, I was not a vegetarian. But mostly, I ate vegetables. Speaking of my country, I miss the food there. haha

Saturday, November 10, 2007

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Ratatouille Experience

Just the other day, my hubby bought my favorite cartoon movie of this year, Ratatouille. And guess what? My friend at work gave me a pin with Ratatouille on it. lol I got so excited. It is collectible. yepey! I watched this movie in the theater five months ago with my hubby. By the way, the word Ratatouille comes from the word "touiller" which means to toss food. It is a French word in which you pronounce it as, "ræta'tui,-'twi". The movie is awesome. It is a family animated movie made by Pixar. I recommended it to my friends. And whoever is reading this blog, well, go and get one. The movie was about a rat with a very good sense of smelling. He cooks and uses his nose to get the right taste. Sounds intriguing? Well, I don't really want to tell the whole story of this movie. But you can read this link from wikipedia. See it yourself and enjoy. You will not regret it.

that's all

This is my second post. I would also like to thank Belle for encouraging me to make a blog site. She is a housewife and a mother of a cute little boy. If you guys want to check out her blog site. Here it is, Belle

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Hello everyone!

I am Vivien and a new blogger. My friend Yami from P.I. invited me to join in. I enjoy reading her posts. I would say that she is an excellent writer. lol Check out her blog site yami By the way, we have a group called Bru-ha which also includes Sharon and Moon. I miss their company and hope to see them in the near future.