Friday, June 27, 2008

Cisco Learning Center

Talking about Cisco Systems, it is an international corporation that designs networking and communications technology services. Cisco has created Cisco Learning Network, which comprises IT professionals to help and teach you in improving your IT skills and knowledge. You can join their community and learn from various IT experts. They offer and feature Cisco certification, learning center, training and programs. What are these? Cisco provides you a fundamental information technology for business and technology facts that endow with a better framework for certification competence.

Are you in the process of pursuing an IT career? Cisco Learning Network has a lot to offer to you. Information Technology changes from time to time. Additional information and knowledge are being shared and collective. Therefore, avoid being left behind from this pursuit, you should continually be learning about IT. And you can do this by joining at Cisco Learning Center. As I stated above, they offer Cisco certification such as CCDA, CCENT certifications and many others. There are many certification programs you can choose from according to your career chase like Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert and Specialist Certifications. At their Learning Center, they provide an opportunity for you to learn business and technology. So plan your course now, getting the entry certifications will lead you to a specialist and expert level earning a very competitive salary.

Join the Cisco learning network now and learn more about information technology!

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Updates on Beta Blogger

Google announced today about a number of updates to its Blogger publishing platform. The updates have gone into Blogger in Draft with the expectation will become full features. Blogger users who want to be on the progressive will be able to set their default "dashboard" to Blogger in Draft, and have the Blogger in Draft blog bookmarked as a simple reference. Though, there could be a rigid integration of Google Gadgets and a redesigned dashboard. I can’t wait to see these new features in the coming days.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Lasik surgery

Lasik has become popular nowadays. Are you looking for the best Lasik surgery and reliable eye center? the right place for Lasik surgery. It is staffed with proficient and expert doctors that are certified by the nonprofit Lasik patient advocacy. They have expertise and specialization in laser vision cataract and advanced technology cataract surgery with the ReSTOR & ReZoom lenses. Your vision will be corrected and changed without wearing any remedial and curative lenses at all. They also offer financing program with affordable payments, no down payments, and no interest. And features and specializes also in cataract and facial rejuvenation. It is more convenient for you if you live in California because you can avail of their Lasik in Walnut Creek. Just visit the site for more details

Love and Hate

I got this tag from sis Joy. We are all human being so there is no perfect in this world. There are things we love and as the opposite there are things we also hate. This tag is all about things you hate and Love. I guess I have to share to everyone what I hate most and what I love. I thought it is easy but honestly I have to think hard about what I hate most. Things I love I have more than 5 but I only have to list the top 5.

Here is the rule:
There are things, ways, or people we can't stand. There are also things, ways or people we can't live without and would love to do over and over again or be with forever.List down 5 things you hate and 5 things you love.Then, put the link or links of your blog or blogs in the list.Tag at least 5 people.
5 Things I HATE


5 Things I LOVE

Loyal Friends
My pc

menstrual stem cells proven to threat illnesses

With the thorough scientific research, it has been proven and confirmed that menstrual fluid contains self-renewing stem cells. They have many characteristics like bone marrow and embryonic stem cells thus and they reproduce swiftly. It has been verified for future use in medical therapies. We as women can preserve and collect our menstrual fluids using C’elle kit. How does it work? This kit is just easy to follow. The menstrual stem cells are plainly "frozen in time to keep the potency for a long time. With their patented and original technology the preserved menstrual stem can be retrieved and thawed. And these menstrual stems have the potential to threat illness such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's, osteoporosis and spinal cord injury, anti-aging and many others. Are you interested to know more about this kit? Look up their website, They have introductory price right now and you can save up to $500. And Learn about C'elle Order Now Special Promotion Code: OL.

The ugliest dog in the world

The dog has three legs, one eye and no hair except for a white clump on the top of his head. Gus the dog is a real winner and won the World's Ugliest Dog contest in Sonoma-Marin Fair in Northern California. The Chinese crested breed dog is a popular choice in this annual contest. Gus' owner won $500 and will fly to New York to appear on "CBS This Morning." The event will be aired on the Animal Planet network in October. Isn't it weird and strange? The dog has only three leg and one eye. But he is famous now! haha

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Protect your identity now!

Identity theft is a very rampant crime nowadays. People should be careful in giving out their personal information especially in the net. There are many s everywhere and they will steal your information and use your identity. It is very sad to know about this case but we must face the reality. Protecting identity is one of the solutions to this problem. With, your identity is protected before anyone steals it from you. They guarantee your good name a $1 Million.

Furthermore, once you subscribe to them, you will not receive any annoying calls from telemarketers and pre-approval credit mails. They will set fraud alerts for your credit card accounts. If you lost your wallet containing your social security card, driver license, bank and credit cards, etc., they will help you contact each bank and credit company to cancel your accounts and process any documents at no charge. It is all in one here. Take advantage of their offers and avail of Lifelock promo code, which offers 30 days free and only $9 a month for and $2.25 for kids. It is very affordable and reasonable. Get started now; remember the Lifelock promotion code RD32. For more information, visit their site. Protect your identity now!

Vegetables salad

Do you like salad? The other day, I had vegetables salad on the other day. I loved it! I liked Soup Plantation, they have a huge salad bar. But you have to be picky when it comes to this situation. Here are many tips I got from Yahoo to get a healthy salad; less fat and calories:

  • Go dark on greens
  • Go bright on veggies: Next, add about 1 cup of the most colorful crudités - broccoli, carrots, cherry tomatoes, green and red peppers, beets, like that.
  • Choose lean proteins: Aim for about ½ cup of these. Chickpeas and kidney beans are nifty sources of fat-free protein (6 grams each). Sliced hard-boiled eggs (8 grams) are another smart choice; just limit the yolk to limit the fat
  • Sprinkle on extra flavor and crunch: Like cheese
  • Dressing: Now swirl on about 1 tablespoon of heart-healthy olive oil, a splash of vinegar, a grating of pepper, and toss.
That's all enjoy your salad!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Watch Bleach the movie

I love Japanese anime. In fact, we have some dvd collections of it here at home. I am curious to watch this upcoming movie, Bleach the Movie will be shown in the theaters today and June 12. The movie is about a young hero, Ichigo Kurosaki who protects every soul. The name means First Guardian or He who protects. Whenever I watch an animation, it feels like I am in the movie too or one of the characters. I would name myself as “Ayamesu”, means, “shining or light” so that I would be the guiding light for the heroes in the story. Wow, I thought about making my own anime story someday. For more information, visit and get your tickets at your favorite theaters.

Sponsored by NCM Fathom

clearing up your hard drive

In clearing up your hard drive. One must follow or do these simple things:

  • Uninstall unused programs.
  • Clean out temporary files.
  • Empty your internet cache. This backup information can quickly add up and eat hard drive space.
  • Empty your recycle bin
  • Scandisk and Defrag
Remember that the cleaner your hard drive is, the better your computer will respond and work! Take care of your pc and your computer will respond to you properly.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Get more done at Task Market

Do you want to get your task done right away with an expert help? Well, you can post a task for help at How? Just simply go to their website, register and post the task. It is free and you will find the qualified help you require; may it be for designing, programming, typesetting, presentation, proofreading and many more. And this is also for freelancers who want to get a short-term job. This is a great opportunity for them. You can post your profile and get hired. You can look through tasks and get the work that you are interested in. As easy as that, so Get more done faster with Task Market. Check out and read their press release below for more details.

Press Release:


Welcome to the launch of the Task Economy. We’d like you to be among the first to experience it, kick the tires, and share your opinions with your readers.

Microsoft® Task Market is a new Technology Preview site that lets people with tasks find people with the know-how to do them – saving time, and improving the end product.

For every person who throws up both hands at the prospect of creating a complex formula in Microsoft Excel, somewhere in the world there’s another person who can make it look easy. For every poor proofreader, there’s an expert one out there who wouldn’t mind making a few extra dollars. For every small business owner who doesn’t have time to do background research on a new business prospect, there’s a talented researcher who could quickly put together a dossier.

The big idea with Task Market is this: create a viable market to get them together and things get done.

Task Market is in the Technology Preview stage. That means that developers at Microsoft Research are releasing the site “into the wild” to demonstrate the potential of the technology, investigate the breadth of user adoption, solicit ideas on how to improve the site and, ultimately, create a market of Task Posters and Task Solvers to help people get their office tasks done.

A Task Market Task is:

· Something that can be done for $20 to $500

· Something that the Task Poster could use help doing

· Something that can be delivered electronically, like a Microsoft Office document.

A Task Market Poster might need help with:

· a specialized Excel formula

· language translation

· letter writing

· an aspect of their accounting

· making a PowerPoint presentation “pretty”

· graphics, charts, formatting or logos

· research gathering

· proofreading

· building sell sheets, listing sheets or simple brochures

· fact checking

Task Market Solvers create profiles of their skills to help Posters assign tasks to Solvers with the right skill sets, and get email alerts when a job arrives that fits their skillsets. Posters can award and pay several solvers for tasks to compare results, and give more work to the ones they like. All without the commitment of a freelance engagement.

Check out the working tech preview at . Who knows. We may be building a whole new economy. We’d like to start with you and your readers. Let me know if you have any questions.

ways to keep your pc safe online

I am really careful when I am browsing in the net. I always make sure that I don't virus, trojan horse, worms and all sorts of malicious crap online. There are ways to keep your pc safe online. Actually, this is only for Windows pc. Here are my few tips:

1. Update Windows regularly
2.Install Firewall- in my own experience, I use Windows Firewall. I constantly updates it.
3. Check for viruses- scan for viruses everyday
4. Remove spyware-I use spybot
5.Browse more safely-this is the most important-I use Firefox for browsing. And Internet Explorer when I do some important transactions. Because IE features phishing scanner.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Dockers Contest


I love Dockers jeans, they are super comfortable at work or everywhere I go. Especially at work, I can be myself because it is really relaxing. I like the quality and feeling of it. They come in different colors. The one I am wearing a lot at work is black. Aside from its quality, it is very durable. It is well known for its comfy fitting. So, if you are looking for snug fit jeans, get the “Dockers” brand. However, there is Dockers contest. What is this all about? Make your own 30-second commercial video for Dockers. Video advertisement will be viewed online at and be scrutinized by viewers. The grand prize commercial or advertisement video will be presented and submitted to NBC Universal, Inc. And it will be shown and publicized during June 13, 2008 broadcast of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. You must be 18 years old or above to join this contest. This is fun and exciting contest. If you have the talents and guts then make a 30-second commercial video now for Dockers. Who knows your video might be the luckiest one to be aired and shown in tv. To know more about Dockers contest, check out and read the contest rules.

Sponsored by Dockers

A $5,000 Dior Cellphone

For Dior lovers, here comes the cellphone that is worth $5,000 which will come out in the marketplace later this year. This phone will work in most parts of the world, except Japan and Korea, where it isn't compatible with local wireless networks. But the specifications of this cellphone is not yet revealed. Well, I guess Dior lovers would love this cellphone if it includes a touchscreen, a camera, and special ringtones. It comes with clip-on mini-phone called "My Dior" which is about the size of a USB key and connects to the main handset via Bluetooth to make it easy for the user to answer any incoming calls.

source: Yahoo news